Vape Competition Rules

Vape Competition Rules

Mechanical Mods:

All builds must be above or at .2 ohms, and must be tested by the judges before signing up for the competition.

Unregulated/Regulated Box Mods:

Regulated Box Mods have no minimum ohm limit, if the box fires it safely, it is fair. Keep in mind, we are not liable for mishaps that may happen with builds lower than .2 ohms.
Unregulated Box Mods must be at or above .2 ohms.
A box having a MOSFET does not make it regulated, this rule is simple, and will be enforced.
Unregulated Box Mods wired in series will not be permitted in the competition for safety reasons NO EXCEPTIONS.


All Coils will be checked before competition starts, all coils must be between 0.2-0.6ohms to qualify.

General Cloud Competition Rules:

The judging panel will consist of three individuals that are not professionally affiliated with any shop that is hosting/co-hosting the vape meet. This also means employees of shops that contribute to the raffle are not eligible to judge the competition.
The announcer will not be allowed to offer input into the judging of the competition. This also mean that the announcer cannot be a judge.
The contestants will stand back to back at a spot specified by the Smokin Pipes staff. There will be no debate on the location.
The rounds will be announced as follows: the announcer will ask both parties if they are ready, if so he will say “Ready Set 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Blow”, on ready set both parties should be prepared to inhale, and during the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 the contestants should inhale, and on blow the contestants exhale. Do note that during the counting portion the contestants do not have to start inhaling at the count of 1. The contestants can start at any point during the count, though we recommend starting at 1.
The contestants will be expected to exhale at a 45 degree angle away from their bodies when the announcer says “Blow”.
If a contestant should exhale before the announcer calls blow it will be counted as a fowl. There will be one re-do allowed if there should be another fowl the contestant will be disqualified.
The Juice used will be provided by Smokin Pipes for use in the competition.
All contestants are expected to practice good sportsman ship. If this is violated the individual will be disqualified from the competition, and may be removed from the venue if needed.
The competition will use a bracket method to find the winner. The winner of each round will no longer be announced round by round, and the final winner will be announced after all the rounds have taken place.